Monday, April 29, 2013

Ready Set Go Fund Me

I have been, as usual, working on a lot of this and a bit of that and then a lot more of everything else! Even if the day had 36 hours instead of 24, I still probably wouldn't have enough time to get it all done. There are just too many things that excite me and when you have a curiosity like I do, you seem to want to learn and know all that the universe has to offer. Well my adventurist spirit wants to fly even further out this time. I have begun designing home decor products, that I think I showed you the last time we talked. I re-opened my etsy shop and there you will find some of these new home decor products! 
I moved into another shop last week called Arfully Yours, which is located in Hamilton, NY and I am going to my interview tomorrow at a third shop in Skaneateles, NY. Cross your fingers that I get into the Skaneateles co-op!
Now to raise the bar a bit higher....I am shooting for the stars. I applied on a whim to the Surtex Show in NYC and was accepted. Now if you are not familiar with the Surtex show, it is the grand mother of all of licensing shows. It has been going on in NYC for 27 years and this is the place to be showing your work if you want to get licensed. They have an attendance of about 7,000 buyers from manufacturing companies and licensing agencies. This is my goal to become a licensed have my work on home decor you are thinking well this is great, you applied to the show and you got in, so what is the problem you say? Well, I really didn't think I would get in first of all , but then I did and that's when the trouble started. I saw the booth fee that I would have to pay to set up at the show. I knew at that moment that my hope had just crashed and burned. So, you say the booth fee couldn't have been that much....well it is $3,600 for the smallest booth they offer and obviously there are other costs involved in such an adventure. I knew at that moment that Surtex was out of the question. The excitement that had just started to bubble and rise made a rapid decent into disappointment and sadness. I shifted gears and resigned myself to the fact that I wasn't going to Surtex this year. After thinking and dreaming about it some more... I put out a message to friends, family and fellow artists on Face book and got a few interesting suggestions.......and out of those suggestions I came across "Go Fund Me".
As it turned out this is just one of the many crowd funding sites that you can set up yourself on your own page to help you fund your plan.... or in my case to fund my business growth. Now, I have started getting donations, but still really need your help. There are a couple of ways you can help me with my business growth.....obviously donating money is one, but even if you can only share my "Go Fund Me" page that would be awesome.
As you read the details on my "Go Fund Me"page, you will see that this plan of mine has been in the making for years. This is not a crazy whim, this is my life and my livelihood! I have building up to this level and need to move forward. I live to create and work hard at it everyday! Even if you can only spare $5, know that you will be helping me achieve my goals. The gratitude I have for all of you out there who have already helped me....or plan to help me is limitless. I want to share my work with the world and you can help me do it! Be a part of my journey. If you have a dream, never stop following it!

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