Sunday, March 10, 2013

Its has been a bit since I last wrote a post....I have been going through some more changes since we last talked. It seems to me that this early spring has started new growth not just outside, but inside me. I have been propelled forward by new determination, self reflection and the drive to make it all happen! I know these are bold terms to describe my own transformation, but I feel that I need to publicly pat myself on the back! In fact we all just need to stop sometimes and take a few moments to recognize the achievements we have accomplished. I know it is hard to do because changing the self talk in your head takes a lot of courage. You may want to take it slow.....catch yourself in the act and breakdown your thoughts. Once you have figured out what triggers that doubt to creep in, you can devise a plan of attack. 

Here is my way of going about it: I have begun re-writing the script inside my head.... the one that subconsciously runs all the time. First off, I pay attention to my own thinking and how the patterns work in my head. I can tell you, that my self doubt usually creeps in when I am getting ready to start a new action towards growing my business. As I learned from the Right Brainers In Business Video Summit last week, we all have trauma drama. This is, in simple terms, is when we connect feelings from a bad past experience to a new action or decision we are trying to make. This can invite doubt to enter and crush our ability to move forward. So now, that I have learned to break down my thoughts line by line, whenever I feel that little bit of self doubt creeping in, I focus really hard on a mental positive checklist of all the actions I have completed. Then guess what I do? I repeat to myself you have done a great job....just look at how much you have accomplished today... or this week... or this month. I keep telling my self this until my unwelcome guest of doubt leaves the room. If I have my journal handy, I will write a couple powerful affirmations to myself and periodically look at them throughout the day. This always brings a smile to my face and changes how my day progresses!

Here is an example: My first line is reminding me that I have something worth second line gives me permission to do what I love.....and the third sentence reaffirms that I can and already have made progress! POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT PEOPLE

The next bit I am going to tell you is this is not another test, so be gentle with yourself. It probably took years to build up that script you have been running in your head, so it will take time to rewire and reboot your thought processes. One day at a time is my motto......and some days I am better at challenging doubt than others!  The point is keep moving one step forward even if you don't have all the answers. 

We all have important things we are put on this planet to that are our own that enrich the lives of others when shared. Bottom line....we all matter!
 I want to shout a huge thank you to Jennifer Lee creator of Right Brainers In Business and Monica Lee creator of Smart Creative Women. You have both inspired me and challenged me to grow personally and professionally by sharing your talents with the world. Check out their fabulous'll be hooked.


  1. Good for you Shannon! I love how you are embracing your gifts and spreading them out to the world. Changing our thought patterns is a huge shift- I think we don't always pay attention to our self-talk because we've routed ourselves in unhelpful patterns for so long. So paying attention, listening and replacing those thoughts with helpful, motivating thoughts is great.