Friday, March 15, 2013

Head First

What do you do when you have stalled and can't seem to move forward? You are spinning in circles and seem to go no where.  People ask me that question, so I have been thinking about how I go about breaking down that barrier. I usually
go create something that I have never created before.  Lucky for me it just so happens that a very good client of mine asked me, just the other day, to make her some wine charms for wine glasses.  I had never made any wine charms before, but thought I can do it...I am a jewelry designer, why not and I said to the client "sure no problem, when do you need them?" 
Sometimes this gets me in trouble when I do this, but my philosophy of jump in head first and it will all work out has been validated many times with most of my projects turning out great! 

I think sometimes to move forward you just have to jump in head first....stop over thinking and just do it!  Here is a quote from my creative business coach "fake it until you make it" other words pretend you are confident. I have found that by doing these types of projects....saying yes without any experience, has been a huge confidence builder for me. Of course I wasn't going to leave this post with out showing you proof positive that I did indeed make the wine charms.

 Here are a couple of pictures. I think they turned out pretty charminggggg.......if I do say so myself! I made them with sterling silver wire, lamp work beads, Czech crystals and seed beads. I put on some classic rock....thought up a quick design in my head and just started grabbing materials. Quite intuitive I must say and playful. 

Now its your turn.... I challenge you to do a head first project. No excuses! Even if you don't have someone asking you to make something for them.... you can practice by pulling out your art supplies and creating something that you have never created before. Everyone has transferable skills...put them to use. This type of exercise will help you build your wall of confidence one brick at a time!


  1. I've never heard of wine charms before, such a lovely idea. Thank you, I have a stash of beads that I bought years ago and have never done anything with them, so!!!here goes, thanks again.

  2. That is great...go for with that stash of beads Caprejan and make those wine charms.