Monday, November 11, 2013

Balancing Act

Life is full of many opportunities and daily tasks that need to get done, but there are only so many hours in a day!  My mind spins and twirls with all the ideas of things that I want to try, that I want to revisit and the things that I have to get done like doing the laundry, making dinner paying the bills.....well you get the idea people.
Balance seems to be the hardest achievement anyone can accomplish in any profession, but lets get serious here, when you are creative and that is what you live and breathe, it can be a challenge to stay on track on any given day.  I am most definitely attracted to any project that will fulfill my need for color, working with my hands, using my imagination and following my own rules!  So you may ask yourself how do I keep on track to get all of the left brained business stuff done that needs to happen for my creative business to be successful.
 Well in an attempt to answer that question, I will give you my tips for making the most of each and everyday.  I know that for me, the sooner I get into my studio the better, so I usually plan to spend the first two hours of my morning on the computer updating my bookkeeping, my social media, my website and any other computer related work.  I also am a list maker. The minute I have a list my instincts are to get those tasks done so that I can have the pleasure of crossing them off my list. For me the scratched off list is such a wonderful thing to see, it makes me feel as though I have accomplished something. And yes there are many lists that I make that don't get completed in one no pressure. I know that if it is a long list then I can give myself a couple of days to get it done.

I actually use my creative process as my reward for completing my other tasks. Once I figured out that this was the best motivator for me, I became more organized and just want to get all of that boring left brained work out of the way. This is how I began to achieve more balance in my life. How ever it works for you.....implement a system that lights the way to your success.
Let me know what works for you!

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