Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Challenge Yourself

Everyday I learn something new.....everyday I overcome a challenge. I think life is all about learning and growing.....being able to rise to the challenge and push forward.  If things didn't work that way, I think life would be pretty boring. Now don't get me wrong some challenges and stresses are not fun and when life throws  you a curve ball it can get rough. I have been fortunate to have lots of friends and family members who have been there for me when things have gotten tough, but they have also been there to share in my accomplishments!

This Friday I will be traveling to NYC to the Surtex show to walk it as an attendee. I am so excited, I haven't been able to sleep! My challenge with this trip is to overcome my fear of being overwhelmed by the talent that I will see at this let it motivate me to grow professionally as an artist and not to look at what they have accomplished and become judgemental of my own work. I think we all feel a bit intimidated at times and this will most certainly test me, but I am ready for the test. I am giving myself the pep talk everyday that we all create in our own way and that there is room for all of our work in the market place. I will also be meeting with some super talented artists while there and hope to glean a bit of their knowledge on setting up and selling at such an important show. I mean come on 7,000 manufacturers and artist agents will be attending this show to discover and license artwork for their home decor products.....this is just huge!

I am so glad I am sharing this with you. My level of anxiety and stress have already come down a notch or two....don't worry I am doing some meditation and deep breathing as well.

So if this wasn't enough excitement to throw out there....I have just applied to Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. I am totally excited about this as well.
 On July 1st, I will get an email from Lilla Rogers with an assignment that I must complete and submit to her studio by July 22nd. If Lilla and her team like what they see, I will make it to the short list of artists that will be in the running to win a 2 year licensing contract with her studio. This is where I need your help! People will be able to vote for their favorite submissions. This is the people's choice on this short list and I will need all the votes I can get. To give you more of an idea of what will happen check this out.....
I know the competition will be steep, because there are so many wonderfully talented artist applying, but I know that if I didn't accept this challenge I would always be saying to myself " I should have or I could have.... if I only would have"....... I am not going to be that person!

I will give you notice as to when you will need to vote.....and I promise I will update you on the Surtex Show and my experiences. If you have any questions....please ask me by leaving me a comment. I love to hear from you:)


  1. Shannon - good for you - I also took the plunge and entered Lila's contest - can't wait to see what we will be asked to do. I would love to hear about the Surtex show when you get back. Is this show open to everyone or did you need a special invitation. That's also one of thing on my "push myself" list of things to do!

    1. Cathyb, Surtex is ony open to the trade so as long as you are a manufacturer, artist, designer or agent you can go. YOu do need to apply if you want a booth there, but you can just pay to walk the show like I did this year.

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