Friday, February 22, 2013

Technology the Artist's must have tool

In our studios, we artists have many tools and implements that we use to create, but once we have created our pieces what tools do we have to share them with others? Back in the day, we would hope to find a gallery or galleries that we could send a proposal to for a show...or network while doing a street fair....or just plain wait to be discovered by someone that could get our work to where it could be seen. Well, that kind of puts the power in someone elses hands if you ask me and if you remember anything else I have told you about myself, please remember I don't follow rules real well. So as my body of art work and jewelry grew, I needed an outlet besides the few shows that I participated in yearly, to get me connected to art seekers and other artists.

Now I hope you all have figured out what I am about to delve into here:

I have had a web presence now on and off for a couple of years, but really never pushed the envelope with it, because I felt I lacked the skills needed.....I dabbled with Etsy and had a shop for a year and a half...I joined Fine Art America, which I still belong to and even designed a website on Go Daddy, but I always felt like none of these sites were really getting me anywhere online. So I decided after meeting some really great artists online...... whose websites and blogs were wonderful and offered everything that I wanted to offer... that this was it...the year that I, the non-techie was going to learn some new skills. I was going to add to my tool bag, online networking.

So lets get to the right here and now.
I have worked very hard these past few weeks..... becoming computer savvy...I have added more pages to my website....added paypal buttons to be able to sell my art work and workshops, and I added a blog.   I am tired from just typing all of that. The learning curve has been a bit steep at times, but I have learned that if I persevere, I will pull through the rough moments and be rewarded with the ability to connect with the world!

Now to all of you artists out there, who are still trying to market yourselves in an old school manner, If I am talking to need to learn some new tricks.   I know this is a hard pill to swallow because not everyone is a techie....and that includes me. There are so many choices online now that make things really pretty simple.  Many companies that host websites offer templates or themes that you can use as a ready made fit and they give you options as well to customize your site.
For example, I use go daddy for my website and blogger for my blog and I have linked them together. See, I am now spitting out the information I have just learned these past few pressure though. This can be challenging, but if I can accomplish this so can you. Check out some youtube videos on how to build a website or a blog....this is free people and you can't beat free!

I am no expert on how to develop and create a website, but I know that without this portal to the world my art work and jewelry would have a much smaller audience. My website and blog are always evolving..... Keep moving forward....even if you make baby steps. Bravery comes in all forms. 

Now go out there into cyberspace and have a look might be pleasantly surprised at what you can do with the right tools.

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