Saturday, February 16, 2013

Just a brief note to let you all know, that as a new blogger I will generally be writing posts when the mood strikes me. No promises of how many I will write a week , a month, or a year....come on people I already told you that I don't like to follow rules and that even goes for my own rules as well!

A tid bit for you to chew on.... if you really want some more information about me and what I do while you are waiting for more can see what I am up to, by going to my facebook design page.
Here is the link:

Oh and here is a little the way I design and make jewelry as well...More designs to be seen on my website. Just click the link Shannon Crandalls Art Work on the top right of this page.  Got to go for now....trying to get in some sweet bliss creative therapy time in my studio today:)

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